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Building Surveys

Building Surveys

Kellys provide a range of surveys to suit clients particular needs. We would categorise these surveys as follows:

  • Building Surveys
  • Condition Surveys
  • Feasibility Surveys
  • Individual Defect Analysis Surveys

Building Surveys

The definition of building surveys has often been confusing for clients. In order to clarify the definitions under this heading we have attached useful information from The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors which can be assessed by clicking the image.

One of the biggest financial commitments most people will make in their lifetime is the purchase of property to live or work.

However it is quite amazing how many people do not instruct a Surveyor to undertake a building survey.

Apart from the identification of structural defects, disrepairs, poor workmanship and design together with a lack of compliance with legislation we can advise clients on a number of issues relevant to their purchase for example:

  1. Estimated budget costs together with itemised repairs and alterations necessary to ensure the building is in statutory compliance
  2. Advice and costings on the feasibility of altering extending, or adapting the building for a specific use
  3. Professional advice in respect of disability, access audits, Energy Performance Certificates or asbestos management
  4. We can also provide advice concerning the involvement of Specialist Contractors for inspections, reports and costings in relation to service installation, electrical installation or plumbing installations

Condition Surveys

We are very experienced at providing surveys which are commonly referred to as Schedules of Condition. Our service can be for a specific client need for example, recording the condition of a building prior to any works being carried out under Party Wall Legislation or prior to any adjacent major building works or safeguarding/ reducing onerous obligations under a lease. See also our section on Schedules of Condition.

Individual Defect Analysis Surveys

Kellys have a wealth of experience in dealing with individual defects within various properties. Defects can include for items such as dampness or condensation in individual buildings to subsidence or concrete defects in multi storey buildings.

We can advise on any individual defect within a particular building. We are specialised in this area particularly where it involves insurance claims, such as fire, water or subsidence damage. See our separate section on this area.

Feasibility Surveys

With our extensive knowledge of inspecting buildings in connection with design, construction legislation and costs together with construction techniques we can provide clients with accurate and up to date advice on constructional costs and reports for any proposed adaptation, conversion, refurbishment or extensions to any building.

Our feasibility reports can include floor plans, areas and will include costings and recommendations in order that clients are made fully aware of their options together with an accurate assessment on financial commitment. See also our separate sections on Conversion, Refurbishment and New Build construction.

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