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Dilapidations Surveys and Negotiating Settlements

Dilapidations Surveys and Negotiating Settlements

Kellys are very experienced when acting in respect of dilapidation matters. This extends to both Landlords and Tenants in residential, commercial or industrial premises.

Dilapidations Surveys for Landlords

When undertaking a dilapidation survey on behalf of Landlords we will:

  1. Carry out detailed inspections
  2. Provide a preliminary assessment of the likely size of a claim and advise on how this should be executed
  3. Prepare a priced Schedule of Defects together with a Statement of Claim
  4. Negotiate the Schedule of Defects or Statement of Claim with the tenant's Surveyor or tenant's representative in order to reach a settlement or arrange for carrying out all repairs to comply with the schedule of dilapidations

Dilapidations Surveys for Tenants

  1. Carry out a detailed Survey to assess the dilapidations liability of a leasehold interest prior to its acquisition
  2. Provide considered professional advise/opinion on whether the proposed repairing and reinstatement obligations are unduly onerous or are reasonable
  3. Reducing the tenants repairing obligations by carrying out a detailed Schedule of Condition and Photograph Schedule and agreeing this with the landlord's Surveyor. In addition ensuring that the
  4. Schedule is both attached and referred to in the lease documentation
  5. Negotiating the settlement of the landlords dilapidation claim, challenging this as appropriate or negotiating in order to arrange for carrying of the relevant repairs

Please contact us if you have any dilapidation matters, either as a landlord or tenant and require some impartial FREE initial advice.